Missouri still lacks needed skilled workers

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COLUMBIA - The supply of skilled workers in Missouri isn't keeping up with demand. 46 percent of Missourians have the necessary training for a trade in the skilled workforce, but 53 percent of jobs in the state require skilled labor. 

A recent study by Georgetown University projects two-thirds of jobs nationwide will be skilled labor by the year 2020.

The director of Workforce Development at Moberly Area Community College, Brandi Glover, said MACC is working to help bridge the gap in skilled workers.

She said MACC is working with area businesses and companies to help the school formulate what short-term programs it should offer.

"We can tweak our curriculum to address the needs of any employer to really customize that to whatever skill set is that they need and we can provide that in a short term training program," Glover said. 

Glover said the Missouri Community College Workforce Development Network is one tool schools in the state hope can help train workers to fill skilled labor jobs. Twelve community colleges work together to provide students with skills training even if their closest community college doesn't offer that particular program.

MACC and other colleges offer non-credit programs that can be tailored for very specific trades.

"We offer a variety of credit and non-credit training programs to help address that shortage, so we can help put individuals to work sooner than a four-year degree while obtaining the skill set needed for a lot of your technical industries," Glover said. 

Glover said the health industry is one of the largest areas still needing skilled laborers.