Missouri Tailgating Group Has Interesting Connection to Duck Dynasty

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COLUMBIA - Brian Partlow has been tailgating out of limousine at Mizzou football games with the Kansas City alumni group for 11 years.

"Everybody has just a car or there's suburbans everywhere," Partlow said. "No one has a limousine."

But he says it's not just for attention.

"It's practical. It's nice to have it. We can get six people in it, two tents, four tables, five chairs, two big coolers, and everything we need for a weekend," Parlow said

But when Partlow bought a new limo and put his old one up for sale on Craigslist, he got an interesting call.

"Got a phone call from a guy in Wichita who's friends with Clint Bowyer, and he bought it. Clint took it, they wrapped it in Iowa, and he was going to use it to film a hunting show," Partlow said.

And a year later, he got an email out of the blue.

"At first I thought it was spam," Partlow said. "The subject line just said 'Your Limo' and it was from the company that wrapped it in Mount Ayr, Iowa. And they just sent me a picture of the limo and it was wrapped and it said 'Duck Dynasty' and what day it was going to be on."

When he turned on the episode, there it was, a limo Partlow used to tailgate out of wrapped in camouflage and being drag raced by Clint Bowyer on Duck Dynasty.

Partlow said he wasn't really a fan of the show, but really enjoyed the episode.