Missouri Task Force One

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COLUMBIA - Three members of the Missouri Task Force 1 are headed to Hawaii to prepare for Hurricane Lane's landfall. 

The team sent a situation unit leader, urban search and rescue technical specialist and a structural specialist.

"One of them that's going out there, the structure specialist, he's a structural engineer who works here in Mid-Missouri, said Boone County Fire spokesman Gale Blomenkamp. "The USR specialist comes from the Saint Louis area and he works for a fire department. Another one that's being deployed works for a local emergency management center and is also one of our canine handlers."

The Boone County Fire Protection District posted on its Twitter page saying the task force members were activated on Wednesday morning. 

The people being sent are experienced in hurricanes.

"These three people also went to those deployments a year ago. They know what they're doing and they know what they're getting into. They would expect to see the same types of issues we saw in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Isles," Blomenkamp said. 

Hurricane Lane could potentially cause catastrophic damages. 

"This is going to be a hard hit for an island where you have nowhere to evacuate people, nowhere for people to go inland or to go upstream so to speak. They could see some significant issues and significant damage in Hawaii", Blomenkamp said.

Hurricane Lane is currently a category 4 storm.