Missouri Task Force One returns home

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COLUMBIA - After 19 days of helping with relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Florence's destruction, Missouri Task Force One returned home Saturday afternoon.

Friends and families waited outside the Boone County Fire Protection District's HQ to welcome back their loved ones with hugs and kisses.

Structure specialist Dan Haid said coming home never gets old.

"It's very moving," he said. "This is my fourth deployment I've been on and it's always exciting seeing the kids waiting for you and ready to give you a big hug when you get here."

Haid said he appreciates everything his wife, Bethany, does while he's away.

"She's a trooper, taking care of things and knocking it out of the park for us," he said.

Haid said what she does at home keeps him from worrying while he's away.

"It really makes my job easier out in the field when I don't have to worry about those things at home, I know it's getting taken care of."

Bethany said it's not always easy.

"To be missing your partner and making all the decisions for the family by yourself," she said. "But we always learn things from that and it makes our family team stronger."

Haid's children, Daniel, Elsa, and Benny said they've missed everything he does for them.

"He reads us stories before bed," Daniel said.

"His jokes, I think," Elsa said.

During their time in North Carolina, Task Force One members rescued nearly 400 people.