Missouri Tax Credit Bill

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JEFFERSON CITY - The tax credit bill that encompasses the Missouri Export Act, formerly known as Aerotropolis or China Hub, passed the Missouri House Thursday.

The bill provides $60 million in tax credits for a hub at Lambert International Airport to facilitate trade with China. It also includes a corporate income tax reduction to inspire more business in the Show-Me-State. However, the House voted to not include the Sunset Amendment.

Representative Chris Kelly pushed unsuccessfully for construction of a nuclear plant in Callaway County to create jobs. Another representative found his proposed amendment distracting from the priorities in the bill, like the Aerotropolis project.

Kelly nonetheless told KOMU 8 he is sick of the special session, saying he is ready to go camping with his grandson.

The Senate reconvenes Tuesday. The representative from District 157 told KOMU 8 in passing, "This bill, if passed, will die in the Senate." If the Senate does not pass the bill, lawmakers will likely form a conference committee to work out the kinks.