Missouri to Post Local Water Quality Reports Online

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JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri plans to become the first state in the nation to post water quality information for all local districts online. The change comes after national regulations now allow public water suppliers to post quality information online rather than mailing the information to consumers.

The reports contain information about water sources, possible contaminants in water and results of water tests.

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is partnering with local water distributors to help them put reports online. The DNR created a template for the reports distributors can use to organize the information.

Water providers said posting water report information online can save money for distributors and make looking at the information easier for consumers.

"It would allow us to not incur those printing and postage costs for those types of things...and the customer can go online and whenever they want to look at it as opposed to just getting it in the mail," said Consolidated Water General Manager Bob Leonard.

But posting information online is optional, and not all local water district's plan to put quality reports online. Boonville Public Works Director M.L. Cauthon said he will not be posting water quality reports online. He said he thought Boonville's current methods of using ads and mailers does a good job of letting the public know about water quality. 

Leonard said he will continue to post water reports around town as well as make them available at their locations for customers who do not have access to the Internet.