Missouri to see protests against statewide shutdown this week

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COLUMBIA - Missouri will start to see its' first protests against statewide shutdown orders this week. It's part of a growing trend of protests popping up across the country.

Protests against shutdown orders occurred in several states including Colorado, Michigan, Wisconsin, Maryland and California. Josh Schisler, who is organizing a protest against Missouri's shutdown, said he expects thousands of people to show up.

Schisler said while he believes people who are at a higher risk of being hospitalized should continue to stay home, younger people should be allowed to return to work. He said he thinks younger people are at a lower risk of getting the virus and being hospitalized for it.

About 44% of positive cases in Missouri occurred in people who were younger than 50-years-old.

Bill Manke, who rode his motorcycle to Jefferson City from St. Charles, said he hopes the protesters don't get the virus.

"People don't listen to the medical experts," he said. "I think that's just tough that people don't listen to the medical side." 

Manke said Sunday was the first time he's gone outside since the lockdown began and said he's wearing a mask when he does go outside.

Parson discussed his plan to reopen the state in phases starting May 4 on Friday.

"There'll be some set of guidelines, set of rules that will follow," he said. "We plan on the next week or two, with the help of a lot of people around the state, the local officials, the business people and employers, employees, a lot of people have input into that and how we move forward and what those guidelines will look like."

Schisler said he disagrees with the governor's plan.  

He said the protest plans to practice social distancing and people should not attend if they are:

  • Over 70-years-old
  • Symptomatic
  • In regular contact with people over 70 years old
  • In regular contact with people who have underlying health conditions

The protest is scheduled for Tuesday at noon in Jefferson City at the State Captiol Building.