Missouri Traffic Deaths Increase

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri Highway Patrol released alarming numbers Wednesday showing 29 more deaths in the first months of 2012 than the same period last year.

Captain Tim Hull said he thinks the problem is driver inattention due to texting, eating, or even talking to other passengers in the car.  From 2005 to 2011, the total number of fatalities decreased by over 400, which is why Hull said the state needs to figure out the new problem and fix it quickly.

Hull said over-correcting into the opposite lane has also been a problem.  "Those right side tires drop off the edge of that pavement and then you've got that situation right there--that first harmful event," Hull said.  He said drivers should stay calm and keep a firm grip on the wheel.  Driving is a full-time job, he said. 

To watch a simulated video to help prevent over-correction, go here.