Missouri Valley Football Makes History

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MARSHALL, MO -- Missouri Valley football has had a lot of success over the years. Their recent 2011 conference title is just one of the 17 conference titles the Vikings already have. Missouri Valley has also reached 13 national bowl games. In 1974, they were the national runner up team. Lastly, they have 582 NAIA wins, the most of all time.

This shows a pretty rich history for the Vikings, but no other Missouri Valley team has been ranked as high as this one. They are number two in the country.

Big plays have been a big reason for the number two NAIA ranking.

"We want big plays," Paul Troth, the Missouri Valley football coach said. "I mean that's a thing, that's momentum, gets you momentum, and can really break the back of your opponent a little bit, if you can get that big return and flip field position and do some things like that."

"There's always a big play here or there," Tyler Davis, Missouri Valley Junior cornerback and kick returner added. "It sparks maybe, offense will have a big play. Oh, offense had a big play, defense has to get one. Special teams had a big play, you know, now offense has to get one. It's things like that. Return got one, kickoff has to get one. Things of that nature. Everyone wants to level things out."

Whether it is on offense, defense, or special teams, the team's special bond has helped bring them together for an undefeated regular season.

"I feel like we are more family orientated," Stephon Kelly, the Missouri Valley senior offensive lineman said. "It's like we rally around each other a little bit more than we did in past years. I'd do anything for these boys."

And with playoffs just around the corner, it's a confident Missouri Valley team.

"I think we have a very good chance, as good of a chance as anybody else does in the country to take it all the way," Kelly said.