Missouri Veterans Homes monthly fee will increase

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COLUMBIA - Residents in Missouri’s seven veterans homes will pay $100 more each month starting Jan. 1. 

The extra payments will go to its contribution fund to help improve veterans homes in Missouri. 

“It will help improve the quality of life for the veterans. Make sure we have good quality foods at the home,” said Missouri Veterans Commission Public Information Officer Daniel Bell. “We will be able to maintain the medication costs to provide the medication for the veterans living in our homes. All the things that help increase the quality of life for the veterans.” 

The current rate is $2,050 a month and has been in effect since April 2015. 

Each home has a licensed nursing home administrator and registered nurses on duty 24 hours a day. They provide physician, environmental and social care, and dietary specialists for their residents. 

The MVC unanimously voted to increase the monthly fee during a meeting on Monday. 

“A lot of it was trying to keep up with the cost of living index,” said Bell. “Even with this increase we are still behind three years with the cost of living index.” 

Bell said every year the commission evaluates the maximum monthly rate. The rate is adjusted on a case-by-case basis.  

The discussion on Monday centered around complaints from some families about the homes' operations. With the increase in funds, MVC believes the services it provides will improve the overall care they give to their residents. 

Bell said the commission will evaluate next year whether or not it will increase residents' monthly fee again.