Missouri weather "ideal conditions" for fishing

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COLUMBIA - According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, all the flooding in Missouri this summer makes for ideal fishing. 

When bodies of water flood, it expands a fish's habitat and therefore creates more places for it to eat.  Well fed fish then go on to breed and make more fish.

Adam Wolf, owner of Tombstone Tackle in Columbia, said he's seen more people than normal getting out to fish this summer.

"With all the flooding, the fish bite like crazy," he said. "And since it hasn't been as hot this summer, people really want to get out more."

Wolf did say that enough flooding can prevent fishing. 

"If the water gets high enough that it floods the boat ramps, then people won't go out," he said. 

Flooding makes for ideal fishing for some species of fish, but not others, according to Wolf. 

"Flooding makes the water muddy, which is really good for when you're trying to get catfish, but not great for bass fishing," he said. 

The MDC said the flooding has not had a negative effect on the hatcheries in Missouri this year.