Missouri will face more insects after poor winter

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COLUMBIA — Missouri residents will see more insects this Spring and Summer because temperatures did not hit below freezing enough throughout the winter. 

This December in Missouri "the state report[ed] its warmest December since offical records [started in] 1895," with average state-wide tempratures at 42 degrees, which is 9 degrees higher than the long-term average, according to the Misouri Climate Center.

March was the warmest since 2012, and the lowest temperature was recorded in Green City, Missouri, at 13 degrees.

Ryan Whitesides, owner of Guardian Pest Control, said the increase in insects is because there is "no cold weather to kill anything off."

He said his business has seen a huge increase since last year.

"What we do is we end up doing a yard spray of course inside and outside treatment and do our monthly service and take care of everything and always offer our 100% gurantee that is there. If there is a problem we will come back and take care of it and just keep fighting," Whitesides said.

He said he's seen wasps, fleas, ants and spiders in and around peoples homes. 

Despite, available home remedies Whiteside said "if they worked as good as a lot of people say we wouldnt be in business."

If you have found an increase of insects in your home it is advised you contact pest control.