Missouri Woman Spreads Message About Medical Marijuana

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COLUMBIA - A woman who moved from Columbia to Denver last summer was back in Missouri Tuesday talking about how medical marijuana helped treat her genetic connective disorder.

Twenty six-year-old Abby Rowe, who's originally from St. Louis, has suffered from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) since she was 11 years old. Rowe said she had chronic pain and muscle fatigue, struggled to eat and frequently dislocated her joints.

Rowe said doctors prescribed her opioids but her family and friends urged her to try medical marijuana. She first started using the drug when she was 17, but since it's illegal in Missouri, she moved to Denver last July. 

"We came together and decided that if I had safe, legal access then we wanted to see how it would really help me because we knew it had helped in small doses," Rowe said. "It took me fearing my life to go. I think everyone around me was getting to that point."

Rowe left her friends and family behind but said it's worth it because her appetite and overall energy levels have increased. 

"It did a lot more than I thought it was going to do," Rowe said. "I never thought that I'd have the quality of life that I do now. I'd kind of come to terms that I'd spend a lot of my life in bed, dealing with injuries."

Rowe said she plans to stay in Colorado until there is a "more inclusive medical marijuana bill" in Missouri. However, Rowe said she misses Missouri and eventually wants to come back. 

Governor Jay Nixon has not signed House Bill 2238 yet, which would allow the use of hemp extract or cannabis oil for severe seizures. For a link to the Bill, click here