Missouri women\'s tennis recruits new player mid-season

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COLUMBIA- The University of Missouri Women's Tennis team is undefeated in their 2016 spring season despite dealing with early season injuries.

The team was struck with concussion and ankle injuries which brought Mizzou's roster down from seven to five.

The team was desperate to find a sixth healthy player in order to avoid forefeiting any future matches.

"A couple of girls on the team tell us about their really good friend Lucy who played two years of college tennis down at Drury University," Head coach Sasha Schmid said. "That was really exciting to feel like there was someone with college tennis experience." 

Lucy Givens is a junior transfer student from Drury University where she played two years of collegiate tennis. The coaches met with Givens on Wednesday and signed her as a walk-on for Saturday's home doubleheader against Northern Iowa and UMKC.

Givens contacted her parents, who she credits for getting her through the mourning process of no longer being a college tennis player this fall.

"'I said I think I'm going to go to the tennis match on Saturday' and they said, 'You're going to go to the match?' I said, 'yeah I'm going to play.' They were like, 'oh you're going to play at the end when it's over?' I said, 'no, I've got a uniform, I'm going to play for the Tigers on Saturday.'"

Givens said the team welcomed her with open arms and were great supporters the past week.

"We have absolutely loved her spirit and it's so fun getting to know her.  Everyone has a smile on her face." Coach Schmid said.

Givens helped Mizzou sweep Northern Iowa and UMKC at Saturday's double header. Given's singles opponent forefeited in the morning match against Northern Iowa. Her doubles match against UMKC was ruled an incomplete because Missouri had already won the doubles point. She lost her singles match against UMKC.

As for Lucy's future on the team, Coach Schmid said her and Lucy will discuss the large time commitment joining the team permanently would entail.