Missourians at Pence and Greitens rally torn over "outsider" campaigns

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CHESTERFIELD -Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence joined GOP gubernatorial candidate Eric Greitens for a rally in Chesterfield Tuesday.

The hall was packed with supporters who favor a Donald Trump for president for many of the same reasons they support Greitens for governor: they are both political outsiders. 

"I think both of them, not having a career in politics like many other candidates out there, really kind of gives them a different perspective on things that are kind of needed at this point," said Dean Karanas, a young Trump supporter. 

Trump is a businessman who has never held political office. Greitens has been in the Navy since 2001 and has not served in public office either.

Not everyone at the rally, however, believes being a so-called "political outsider" is the way to go. 

Hillary Clinton supporter Grayson Jostes said, "What makes you think that he'll run for president and then all of a sudden, 'oh no', all our money is gone, we're back into The Great Depression, back in the 1920's. So, I don't think a political outsider would be a great fit for the presidency."

Pence touted Trump's position as a political outsider as a strength, saying he will get stuff done in Washington. 

"He's a doer in a game usually reserved for talkers," Pence said. 

Meanwhile, Greitens' strength as an outsider candidate was touted by Catherine Hanaway, who he defeated in the Republican gubernatorial primary race. 

"Did you see how many people he gathered to support him after not serving political office? This guy is a leader," Hanaway said. 

Greitens' military service was also a point of emphasis among supporters at the rally. 30-year military veteran Glenn Lindemann said Greitens' military service is appealing to him and that veteran care should be a top priority. 

"They ask you, are you on active duty, or are you just a reservist? Well, I'm on active duty and I'm a reservist, but I'm active now. I should be treated the same. But you are not treated the same. You're treated as 'we can use 'em and lose 'em'," Lindemann said. 

In stark contrast, the chief political rivals of both Trump and Greitens have held public office for well over a decade. 

Clinton was a United States senator from New York between 2001 to 2009 and was the Secretary of State, the third-ranked diplomatic position in the country, from 2009 to 2013. 

Chris Koster, Greitens' Democratic opponent for Missouri governor, has served in the Missouri Senate since 2005.