Missourians Attend Show-Me State Games Despite Rain Delays

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COLUMBIA - Hundreds of children and adults showed up for the 29th annual Show-Me State Games despite rain and weather delays. 

Brightly colored jerseys and t-shirts filled the fields at Cosmo Park Sunday morning as postponed games resumed in the clearer weather. Some outdoor events were cancelled Saturday afternoon due to rain and thunderstorms. 

Bill Keller's sons play football in the Show-Me State Games. He said his sons' game was postponed Saturday due to the weather and rescheduled for Sunday morning. 

"The rain made it a little bit tougher for us. We've played in a lot of rain games, but our game yesterday got postponed today and we had literally 20 minutes between our first and second game. So we're going to be tired and beat up," Keller said.

Mary Davis watched the games early Sunday morning and said the rain wouldn't stop her from going to the games.

"I love the atmosphere. The games are a good representation of our state and community. The rain did affect our plans a little bit, but we hid under the shelter and still had a good time. What we were supposed to play last night got postponed until this morning, so the boys have had a long day," Davis said. 

Davis said attending the event in the rainy weather is worth it.

"The Show-Me State Games gives our kids locally a chance to compete and bond with people in the outlying communities, that maybe on a regular basis they don't get to meet," Davis said.  

The Show-Me State Games continue July 19-21 and July 26-28.