Missourians Still Waiting on Medicaid

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JEFFERSON CITY - Thousands of parents and children across Missouri are still waiting to learn whether or not they will be covered by Medicaid. The State's Department of Social Services (DSS) transitioned to a new computer system in January, leading to a backlog of roughly 22,000 people.

Thousands of Medicaid applications are pending each month, and the backlogs only enlarge the problem.  According to DSS Communications Director Rebecca Woelfel, the problem will be resolved shortly.

"We're just becoming more experienced with it so its improving on a daily basis," she said.  "We think that within the next few weeks that it will be resolved."

Senior Medicaid applicants are not impacted by the backlogs.  The DSS shifted parents and children into the new computer system in it's first phase. Seniors and the disabled will be added later.