Missourians visit Jefferson City mall on first day reopened

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JEFFERSON CITY - Capital Mall reopened its doors Monday after Gov. Parson decided to reopen the state.

Although the Capitol Mall is open, some of its stores, like JC Penny and Ross, are still closed. People like Sedalia resident Anthony Hartley, however, decided to show up to check out the place.

"Some places are still closed, some are open, but it still gives you a little bit of shopping opportunity," he said. "Not the full experience, but it's okay."

Hartley said although he is glad the mall opened, he doesn't know how he feels about the entire state opening.

"Some people don't treat it like it's real, pandemic-wise," Hartley said. "And at the same time, we needed it."

Although not many people were around the mall Monday, Hartley said it is nice to have the option available.

The mall has flyers around encouraging social distancing and personal hygiene.

Farmer Holding Company, owner of the mall, did not get back to us on the measures the mall is taking to follow CDC guideliness.