Mixed reactions to development in south Columbia

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COLUMBIA - Neighbors voiced their opinion about a potential residential development in southern Columbia Thursday.

The land on the southeast corner of Route K and Old Plank Rd is primed for construction as consultants plan to rezone the 1.46 acres. "The anticipated date for development is probably late spring or early summer of 2015," said Tim Crockett of Crockett Engineering Consultants, LLC, the engineering firm behind the project. 

"I think there is something to be said for the increasing loss of green land in Columbia," said nearby homeowner Elizabeth Snyder. "At the same time though if it increases our property value, I'm all for it."

Plat One of the The Gates development project lists this particular land to be the site of a clubhouse, swimming pool and a shelter house. It currently consists of an open plain with a few trees and some neighbors say wildlife has been a regular sight.

"I like the nature and that was one of the reasons I moved out here," said Stellan Harris, another neighbor. "It would be a shame to see this land developed."

The Parks and Recreation Commission will discuss the rezoning at its meeting Thursday evening simply because of procedure.

Any development within a half-mile of a city park must be run by the parks commission to verify no park activities will be affected.

"There shouldn't be any issue at all with the parks," said Mark Snider, the parks planning and development superintendent.