Mizzou athletics asking season-ticket holders to aid in their decision on fans

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COLUMBIA — Mizzou Athletic Director Jim Sterk sent out an email to season-ticket holders asking them to complete a survey to help gauge how fans felt about attending games due to the pandemic.

The survey asked the following three questions:

  • Are you still planning on attending the 2020 Mizzou Football season? If no, please explain.
  • We are currently working through various season ticket scenarios, if we have to limit your quantity of tickets due to a reseating would you still attend the season? If no, please explain.
  • If you would like be reseated with a certain group(s), please let us know the name(s) below.

Jim Garb, a Mizzou season-ticket holder for 43 years said this is unlike anything they've seen.

"Obviously with the COVID, I'm concerned as to whether or not we'll have football at all," Garb said. "If we do have it, will we be able to go in the stadium? If they limit the numbers, how are they going to do that?"

All of these questions surround Mizzou Athletics as a decision for fall sports draws closer.

Sterk said that a decision should be coming soon from the SEC as to whether or not football and other fall sports will go on as scheduled.

Garb said that this year is already hard but could get even more rough if sports don't happen.

"Not having sports has been tough," Garb said. "I've been watching pro-baseball this past week and it's not the same as it used to be. They're doing the best they can to pull it off. It'll be a big disappointment [if the season is canceled]."

Another season-ticket holder said his family looks forward to Mizzou football games every year.

"Mizzou football is literally probably my biggest sports passion, that and the blues," Doug Hick said. "So I just, as a season ticket holder in football, it just reinforces the passion we have for Mizzou football."

Hick said one thing that concerns him is the uncertainty of this whole situation.

"All the uncertainty of whether there will be fans primarily," Hick said. "That's probably been the worst part is the back and forth on the decision."

Hick said he filled out the survey and said that he would attend games should fans be allowed to watch from the stands.

"I'd be curious what the survey will reveal," Hick said. 

Something that must be decided by Mizzou Athletics is where to place fans and how to decide what fans get to attend.

"With a reduced capacity stadium we will allocate tickets for the 2020 season based on your TSF donor rank," Jim Sterk said in the email sent to season-ticket holders.

Garb said he should be covered, but doesn't know if the season is happening yet.

"I know I rank somewhere in the top 1500 to 2000 donors," Garb said. "I just got my basketball ticket order the other day, you know and I had to ask my buddy, 'Here it is. Do you wanna pay the money cause who knows if we're going to have a season."

Sterk said the deadline is July 31 at 5 p.m. so that Mizzou can come to a decision soon on whether to allow fans into the stands.