Mizzou Atlanta Alumni throw SEC championship eve party

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ATLANTA - Mizzou Atlanta Alumni got together Friday at the Buckhead Saloon in Atlanta for an SEC eve party.

Atlanta Chapter President Chad Bozarth said this year's crowd increased greatly compared to last year.

"Throughout the night, we'll probably have about 800 people walk through here," Bozarth said. "I'd say about about 400 to 500 are probably going to be here at one time as we get into the evening."

Bozarth said he knew the Tigers would return to the SEC Championship this year.

"The main difference is having a little bit more preparation," Bozarth said. "Even though we didn't really clinch it until Arkansas, I started in early November thinking about what we might do and everything once Georgia lost to Florida."

Bozarth said promoting the event on Facebook and through Mizzou alumni members helped make the watch party a success.