Mizzou Band Prepares for Cotton Bowl Performance

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ALLEN - Marching Mizzou and the Golden Girls practiced for the first time at Allen High school's freshmen stadium Thursday for the first time since the SEC championship game.  Although the group of musicians and dancers were low on practice time, many expressed their gratefulness for the opportunity. 

"I've been counting down the days till we got to leave, and just being here has been incredible," piccolo player Marjorie Perkins said.  "I'm so excited to perform and I'm so excited to be here and cheer on the Tigers."

Marching Mizzou's band director Brad Snow is not worried about the band's performance at the Cotton Bowl despite the quick turnaround.  

"It's always a challenge when you have to perform in a new environment, so part of being a musician is being able to adapt to your surroundings and so we're just trying to prepare them for every curve ball that they're not normally used to," Snow said.  

Drum major Chris Higgins said he feels honored to be performing in his first bowl game performance but that he's feeling the pressure.

"The difference for us is the lack of rehearsal time because we have today to rehearse and that's about it so, it's really crunch time, we really have to focus and make sure we remember all of our drill from when the semester ended a month ago," Higgins said.