Mizzou Baseball Players Playing in Sedalia

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SEDALIA - Jeff Emens and Jake Walsh are pitchers on the Missouri baseball team. Both are pitching for the Sedalia Bombers this summer, but their approach is not any different.

"I don't really think of it as less competion than the Big 12. I just think of it as another stepping stone and opportunity for me to get better."

"It doesn't matter who you're facing. All these guys are college athletes. They're all good. So you just wanna get out there and get better every day."

Emens made 22 relief appearances for the Tigers last season, but he credits the Missouri training staff and says arm soreness is not a problem. "Mizzou trainers do a good job of keeping us in good shape and helping us with any soreness that we do have."

Walsh says that a pitcher cannot take the summer off. "As a pitcher i mean if you take a summer off, your stuff might not be there."

The majority of the Missouri baseball team is in fact playing in the summer. "We actually have, I think everybody but three or four guys playing in summer ball, so hopefully it can help us build a stronger team for next year."

Taking no breaks during the summer and preparing for next season.