Mizzou Baseball's Plackis to Go Pro in Medicine

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COLUMBIA -- The Major League Baseball Draft starts on June 4th and a few Mizzou Tigers hope to hear their names but Andreas Plackis isn't one of them. Plackis won't only remember his batting average this season but the Pre-Med Biology major is also one of only three Big 12 baseball players to have a 4.0 GPA.

Plackis grew up a fan of the black and gold but on his wrist a green wristband provides motivation.

"Rise And Rise Again Until Lambs Become Lions," said Plackis. "Me and a former pitcher here created these. It's a Robin Hood quote that means never give up no matter how far down you get."

And it helped him through a tough time earlier this season. When plackis slumped he sat and watched from the bench.

Plackis said, "And then this came... this braclet came and a note that said 'Never give up... Sincerely, Kevin Naylor.' It was actually really encouraging to me so that's why I still wear it."

Eventually Plackis got his shot and he turned into the hottest hitter on the team. This is his final season as a college baseball player, even though he's eligible to play next season.

"Telling them this is the last time I'll spike up, but they are really supportive of it because they know a lot of people don't go on playing baseball," said Plackis

Plackis isn't going pro, he's following his mom into the medical field where she currently works as an emergency room doctor.

"Over time she exposed me to new stuff and introduced me to doctors I could shadow." Plackis said, "Through all those experiences of getting injured and her guiding me a little bit it just led me to medical school."

He's going to stay at Mizzou for med school and next spring he'll probably sneak out of med school for a little batting practice.

"For some of these guys... baseball's always been that future for them. Med school's been that future for me. Almost like my interviews were my draft and I got drafted," Plackis said.

As for what type of doctor he'll be Plackis says he's shadowed some of the team's Orthopedic Surgeons and thinks that might be the path for him.