Mizzou Basketball Clinic

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COLUMBIA - Mizzou Basketball hosted its second annual free clinic at Douglass Park Saturday.

The event is open to kindergarten through eighth grade girls and up to sixth grade boys, in accordance with NCAA eligibility regulations.

Participants will have the opportunity to shoot hoops, do drills and talk with members of both the men's and women's teams.

Mizzou Women's Basketball Recruiting Director Willie Cox said the clinic is about giving back to a community that consistently supports both teams.

"This community does such a great job, not just the community of Columbia, but surrounding communities as well, supporting [Mizzou] and the University of Missouri athletics that we're excited about giving back to them," Cox said. "Those players are role models for a number of students in the community and they get a chance to meet those players, and sometimes that can be very motivating."

Cox said he hopes the event will allow the players to foster relationships with local kids.

"We want them to be able to help those individuals. In this case it's basketball skills, but it's also motivating those kids to do a great job," Cox said. "It's about doing a great job in the classroom, doing a great job at home and doing a great job at home, as well."

"Hopefully, our players soak it up and understand, 'Hey, I'm here to be helpful.'"