Mizzou Dance Marathon Philanthropy Begins

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COLUMBIA - The largest philanthropy event at the University of Missouri, Mizzou Dance Marathon, kicked off Saturday.

Mizzou Dance Marathon is a 13.1-hour standing and dancing event that benefits the local University of Missouri Children's Hospital.

The primary initiative for the event is to stand and dance for the kids, as they raise money for the hematology/oncology department, a music therapy program, part-time teachers' salaries, and the TeleHealth Loving Care (TLC) program.

This year the student-led philanthropy is attempting to break last year's donation of $152,402.44 by registering and collecting donations online.

Victoria Meckler, Director of Public Relations for the Mizzou Dance Marathon, said this philanthropy helps connect with families from around the community.

"It gives students a way to connect to these families they may otherwise never know," Meckler said. "It also gives people a reason to dance and a reason to really engage in the community and just celebrate."

Each dancer is asked to raise $100 through the philanthropy website by March 8. The event is based on the length of a half marathon and is 13.1 hours long and began at noon on Saturday March 8, and will conclude at 1:06 a.m.