Mizzou Football Players Help Each Other Through the Preseason

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COLUMBIA -- The Missouri football team has wrapped up fall training camp this past week. 21 days, 23 practices, three scrimmages, lots of meetings, and hardly any sleep.

Most Tigers say the worst part about training camp doesn't take place on the football field.

"I'd say being in the dorms. Just because, those beds are terrible and they're like twin sized," senior Elvis Fisher said.

"Bed is just like a brick! The pillow they give you is not soft! It's not soft," junior Eric Waters said.

"The worst part of living in the dorms is waking up early. Cause those bring back the freshman days for the older guys. It's not a good feeling going from a king size bed to a twin size bed again," senior Gahn McGaffie said.

So what helps them get through the little beds, the long days, and the other difficulties of camp?

Players say, each other.

"Yeah, when you're feeling down, the only thing you have to do on this team is crack a joke. It does'nt even have to be funny, and somebody's going to laugh," Waters said.

"Being with your teammates, they know they're going through the same things you are. So you can joke about it and complain about it together you just have to fun and vent in each other I guess you could say," Fisher added. "But you know, you look at your teammate he's going to lift you up. There's guys on the team that lift each other up."

"The best part is just hanging out with the guys. You know what I'm saying? Everything, I got to hang out with my quarterback James and play ping pong every day. So that's just the fun part about it," McGaffie said.

"I've played with almost everybody and it's just nice to get to know them better and build better relationships," junior James Franklin said.

"You learn about people's life stories, you learn about everything," Waters said. "It brings you so much closer together as a team."

"Just being able to call yourself a survivor of two-a-days is without getting out a red and making it through, it's a pretty good time," sophomore Bud Sasser said.

Mizzou begins the season Saturday night against Southeastern Louisiana.