Mizzou Softball and Baseball Teams Helping Out The Kids

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COLUMBIA - For nine year old Ralph Waltz it is great to get coaching from someone other than his dad. Waltz was one of many kids to participate in the sixth annual CASA baseball and softball clinic. CASA or Court Appointed Special Advocates provides services to kids who have been abused or neglected.

Every year they team up with the Mizzou softball and baseball squads to show kids how to hit, run, slide, field, and throw. The clinic is open to all kids giving them a chance to receive instruction from a different perspective.

Mizzou softball pitcher Kristin Nottleman who was helping out the kids learn proper form said, "I think a lot of parents are hard on their kids. I know my dad was whenever I was younger. It is so much better now. I think they just want thier kids to succeed. Having an outside opinion on things and teaching them to be able to stay calm is a way for them to have fun."

Ralph's father, John Thorne agrees, "it's always the case that kids will listen to somebody else other than mom and dad or the coach, someone that they're not so close to. If they tell them the same thing that's when they'll pay attention."

Waltz says he took one big thing away from the clinic and from his teachers, always hustle.