Mizzou Sport Hopes to Continue Rivalry With Kansas

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COLUMBIA -- Its been a year of change, and the start of new rivalries since Missouri joined the SEC.

Even with a conference move, all is the same for one Missouri sport.

It was a beautiful November afternoon in Columbia while Mizzou football played in Florida, continuing life in a new conference, but meanwhile on the pitch, Mizzou rugby kept a tradition alive.

"It's nice having a rivalry like that because going to the SEC we don't really have that set rival, so it's nice to keep traditions alive, and that's what rugby is all about," Missouri's Bryan Kanzler said.

Rugby braggin rights may not carry the same weight as football or basketball, but for at least two hours, the Tigers and Jayhawks competed against each other.

Even the Kansas players want the rivalry renewed.

"As far as the game goes, and the tradition and the history, I mean it doesn't get any better than that. And that schedule will not be as complete without the Kansas Mizzou rivalry," Kansas' Conor Taft said.

Rugby is a physical game, but like the Border Showdown, it has history and traditions, no matter the opponent.

"It's always a really hard fought game, it's always a lot of fun," Kanzler added. "The thing with rugby is no matter how big of rivals you are, you always have a social after the game, you know have fun together, barbeque. We always love having them come around, it's such a good history, we wanted to keep that going.

These players say the game is more important than a conference change, so it was easy coming together to demonstrate what happens during a match.

Mizzou ran past Kansas, a 70-26 blowout.

It wasn't football, it wasn't basketball, but maybe rugby can remind these schools about the peace they had not long ago.

The Missouri rugby club plays its next game against Lindenwood Saturday at Epple Field.