Mizzou star battles back after concussion

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COLUMBIA – The Brain Injury Association of Missouri hosted its third annual sports concussion seminar as coaches and other team personnel learned more about concussion care for their student athletes.

“We see a lot them in cheerleading, soccer, things of that matter,” Josh Thompson, Head of Athletic Training and Performance at Westminster College, said. “Not just football, probably something all parents and coaches need to be aware of.”

Statistics by The Brain Injury Association of Missouri show that between the years of 2014 and 2015, 25 percent of injuries to women basketball players were due to concussions. This is compared to only 9 percent in males.

In the 2015 SEC Tournament, Missouri Women’s Basketball Junior Guard Lindsey Cunningham faced a concussion of her own.

“Playing Georgia, a good close game, go up for a ball, clean play, me and another girl and I just come down right on my head pretty hard.”

Coaching staff took Cunningham to the back where she was checked over and found with a concussion.

“As I made my way to the back with some doctors, I noticed some symptoms of tingling and blind spots,” Cunningham said.

Cunningham sat out the rest of the game as the Tigers fell to the Bulldogs in the second round of the tournament with the final score of 75 to 64.

She said she knew how dangerous it could have been if she entered back in the game and looked to her future rather than risking her health.

“If I ever wanted to get back on the court again, I just had to be really conservative with that process of getting better and trusting the people around me that were helping with that process.”

Cunningham has found her way back on the court as the team leader in assists, averaging 3.3 per game.

She will have another shot at the SEC Tournament on March 3rd as the Tigers take on the Auburn Tigers.