Mizzou students begin moving into residential halls

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The University of Missouri began moving in students into their residential halls. 

The University had many restrictions to the move in process today. There were no university volunteers to help unload cars, only 2 guest were allowed per student, and everyone was required to wear a mask until safely in their room. 

“I am amazed that we’re here everything Is going well” said George Mucilli, a parent of an incoming freshman from Colorado, “I am very impressed how they have taken care of everything for us and made us feel very comfortable”. 

The move in process started today and will continue to the 19th of August to spread out the number of students moving in due to COVID-19.

Mckenzi Salyer, a freshman at Mizzou, says she is excited for the school year but her parents have some concerns. “My parents biggest worry is that I have all this stuff and they’re going to get a call in 3-4 weeks and they’re going to have to come pick me up”. 

Liz McCune, a spokes person for MU, says the University is working on a walk up testing center for students. 

Students are also required to complete a COVID-19 training module to ensure they are aware of the precautions being taken on campus.