Mizzou Students Complain to Governor Nixon

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COLUMBIA - A proposed 12.5% budget cut to higher education. A cut that Governor Jay Nixon proposes. A cut that Missouri's Student Association or MSA will not accept. 

President Barrack Obama put colleges "On Notice" about ever-rising college costs just a week after Governor Jay Nixon proposed state cuts. 

MSA Senate Speaker, Jacob Sloan says "We understand that the budget is very complex but a 12.5% cut cannot happen." The students would be hurt most, argues Sloan. "It means less money for teachers and worse conditions of buildings." He understands that a budget cut is in order but a 12.5% cut is too much. 

In 2010, there was a budget cut of 5.5%. In 2011, there was an additional 7% cut added. If the Governor's proposal passes then the additional 12.5% would be a 25% decrease in state funding toward the UM System in the past three years. The Columbia economy is projected to lose $22 million as a result of the cut says Representative Chris Kelly

MSA does not want the 12.5% budget cut and is going to politick against it. MSA workers have created nearly 6,000 letters stating their frustration with the budget cut proposal. Later this week MSA workers will go around campus looking for students to sign these letters and then send them to Nixon. MSA student worker Ben Levin says "6,000 is a starting point. We hope to send more."

Junior Laura O'dell says "college is already too stressful; high tuition just adds more. Tuition is ridiculous and needs to be lower." 

According to the MU Cashiers Office, an in-state student with the lowest possible dorm and meal fees and 12 credits will pay $6,828 a semester.  An in-state student with the highest dorm and meal fees and 16 credits will pay $9,340. The prices will increase if the student is out of state and if they add optional fee's per semester. 

The Board of Curators will discuss the issue of tuition this weekend.