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COLUMBIA – The nations largest youth pro-life organization will put on a display Wednesday as part of a nationwide tour called “We Don’t Need Plan Parenthood.”

The organization is Students for Life of America is teaming up with Mizzou Students for Life to distribute information on their belief that taxpayer dollars are best spent funding Federally Qualified Health Centers.

“The main purpose of the display is to highlight Federally Qualified Healthcare Centers and how they can do more with our taxpayer money than Planned Parenthood,” said President of Mizzou Students for Life, Kristen Wood.

Planned Parenthood doesn’t deal directly with Students for Life of America often but says they are confident in their value to the community as a healthcare provider.

“It’s really important for us to be available to the community for access of reproductive health but also for other equitable issues such as transgender care, male reproductive health, some of the things that aren’t accessible in FQHC’s or health professional shortage areas,” said Assistant VP of Planned Parenthood, Kristin Metcalf-Wilson.

Wilson added that the expert services provided make Planned Parenthood the leader in not just quality of service but also uniqueness of service.

“I would argue that our services are different in special ways, that we are the experts, and that’s probably the message I would most like to get across,” said Wilson.

Wilson added it's those specific services which set Planned Parenthood apart.

“I would not expect you to come here for a well baby check-up, I’m not a pediatrician, just as I wouldn’t expect a pediatrician to do what I do everyday and I think those differences need to be recognized because while those centers do a lot of family planning they don’t provide expert family planning,” said Wilson.

Mizzou Students for Life says its display at the student center is meant to educate people on what the differences between Planned Parenthood and FQHC’s are said Wood.

Wood added they want to distance themselves from graphic image displays that have been used with Pro-Life organizations in the past.

"We are here to present facts, and show people compassion instead of just showing these horrific images,” Wood continued, “the biggest piece of evidence against using those images came from a former Planned Parenthood clinic director who said people were running inside to avoid the graphic images of the ‘crazy people’ outside.”

The Mizzou Students for Life display is set up from 9 am to 2 pm in the MU Student Center. This stop along the nationwide tour of this organization is just one of over 60 stops that are planned to be made across different Universities.