Mizzou Works to Help Graduates Get Employed

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COLUMBIA - University officials said Monday they hope students use the resources on campus to help find a job after graduation. This comes after a national report said one of every two new graduates is unemployed or underemployed.  

Along with the MU Career Center, the different colleges within the university each offer career services as well.  

Craig Benson, the assistant director at the MU Career Center, said the field a student hopes to enter also has an effect on his or her ability to find a job right after college.  For example, students in the Trulaske College of Business have about 75 percent employment rate after graduation.

Some students are even opting for graduate school like MU senior Raven Maragh.  She said she sees her friends having trouble finding jobs that they are qualified for and are, in fact, being underemployed in jobs that do not necessarily require a college degree.  She said that when she finishes school she might hold onto a job like that until she can find a job more suited for her degree.