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COLUMBIA - MizzouThon’s “Main Event” took place Saturday with over a thousand participants signed up to dance 13.1 hours.

This year marks the fourth year of a five-year pledge to MU Women’s and Children’s Hospital. The student-run organization made this $1 million pledge in February 2015 to fund renovations to the hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Marketing Vice President AnnMarie Metzendorf said one miracle family at this year’s “Main Event” has already benefited from the NICU improvements when their children were born two years ago. Toddlers Claire and Elena were born five and half weeks premature according to MizzouThon’s website.

“They became a miracle family because they’ve gone through that and understand it, and they love reconnecting with the hospital in a different way,” said Metzendorf.

MizzouThon’s “Main Event” is a 13.1 hour dance-a-thon which starts at noon and ends at 1:30 a.m. the next day. The dance-a-thon celebrates the organization’s year-round fundraising for MU Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

Dancer Mia Shapiro said she danced at the “Main Event” because the miracle children inspire her.

“It’s amazing how hard they work everyday and I want to do the same for them,” said Shapiro.

MizzouThon students work with the motto, “every child deserve the right to be a kid.”