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COLUMBIA - Portions of bridge number 12 on the MKT trail have not traveled far from their original location. Two large steel structures are lying on the grass near the new completed bridge number 12. Some Columbia residents using the MKT trail have noticed the remnants of the bridge. Resident Ajab Taj said she walks the trail every day the weather is nice and her favorite part of her walk is crossing bridge no. 12. She said the steel from the original bridge lying next to the new bridge is an eye sore.

"Right now it looks like a piece of junk and this is not actually a piece of junk if you look at it." Taj said.

Steve Saitta, Superintendent of Planning and Development from the Parks and Recreation Department, said the steel structure was left adjacent to bridge no.12 due to heavy costs and no location for the material. Saitta says the Parks Department has plans to place the original bridge pieces in a historical display this summer.