MKT to temporarily close three bridges for upcoming construction

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COLUMBIA - Bikers, joggers and other nature enthusiasts will not be able to use three bridges on the MKT trail in Columbia due to construction on Monday, July 31.

Crews will drill into Bridges 5 and 7 on the trail to prepare for concrete pouring that will begin in November. Bridge 5 is south of Stadium Boulevard and Bridge 7 is north of the Hinkson Creek Trail. Columbia Parks and Recreation Official Janet Godon said Bridge 8 may receive more construction if the city has enough funding.

According to Godon, safety concerns for vehicles motivated the construction, but the bridges are otherwise safe.

“The bridges themselves are certainly not unsafe for pedestrian or bicycle traffic that you see on a daily basis,” Godon said.

They are scheduled to reopen Aug. 1. The second, longer, part of the project is scheduled to begin November and last until April 2018.

Even though they will only close for one day, Godon said she recommends people change their plans if they usually use those bridges.

“For those individuals who commute by bicycle or walking, you will need to use some sort of detour or take the bus,” Godon said.

Godon said all construction will cost $380,000 and is funded by the Park Sales Tax and a federal grant.