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OSAGE BEACH - Students at the School of the Osage went to school today -- despite the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.  The school district officials say that's to make up for last Thursday's snow-day. 

The holiday is first on the list of potential make-up dates for snow days. 

Assistant Superintendent Tony Hermann said having students attend school today is important for the lake's economy. "Because of our economic population, most of our parents make a living from tourism and they need our youth to work in the summers as well, so we try very hard to get out before memorial day," Hermann said.  In other words, it's better for snow days to be made up outside of tourist season, and not at the end of the school year as tourist season gets underway.

At the schools in the district, 4th grade teacher Merrie Williams said the holiday is a good way to spend a whole day teaching the students about Dr. King's legacy. "We talk about who MLK was and we're implementing his life into our entire lessons throughout this week so being in class today gave us just another opportunity to study his life and his impact on our society," Williams said.

Hermann said had there not been a snow day last week, the school district would not be in session today.