MO Auditor to Release Review on Lieutenant Governor Kinder

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JEFFERSON CITY (AP) - The Missouri auditor's office is releasing its review of Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder's travel expenses.

Kinder wrote the state a $52,000 check in April that he said was intended to cover any potentially questionable expense reimbursements he had received from the state. That came after the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Kinder had charged taxpayers $35,000 for at least 329 nights at hotels in the St. Louis area over the past several years.

The auditor's office has been reviewing whether the Republican lieutenant governor properly calculated his payment to the state. It plans to release its findings Wednesday.

The review was led by Deputy Auditor Harry Otto. Auditor Tom Schweich (Shwyk) recused himself from the review, because Kinder was a large financial contributor to his campaign.