MO Beer Festival

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COLUMBIA - The Missouri Beer Festival is hoping to tap into the audience visiting for True/False, as well as beer tasters from across the state.

Tom Bradley, who hosts a local radio show, has been coordinating the festival for eight years. He started it when he realized there weren't any beer festivals in Columbia. 

"The idea was a great one to begin with, but all we were really doing was copying off of other people's ideas," Bradley said. "This became our own with family and friends working really hard, but the true, great thing about it is getting to know these brewers," he said.

Aaron Banks, the owner of CoMo Growlers and Pints, is not a brewer, but will be a vendor at the festival. 

"The beers that I got are typical kinds of beers that you could find at CoMo Growler and Pints in that they are small breweries," Banks said. "Not many people have probably tasted these beers before."

Each vendor will be giving away their own prizes and have activities at their booths. Visitors will be given bottle caps to use to vote for their favorite beer for the People's Choice award. 

Bradley said people will be able to spend hours tasting beers, talking to vendors, figuring out what makes each beer different.

"We give them a sampling glass, they stroll around listening to live music from Johnny Henry. It's a great time," he said.

There are also food vendors at the festival and designated drivers will be allowed in for free. Tickets are $25 for general admission.

The festival will be Saturday at the Holiday Inn Executive Center beginning at 1 p.m.