Mo. Bill Would Allow Single Bottle Purchases

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COLUMBIA - A Columbia liquor store manager told KOMU 8 News Tuesday a proposal in the Missouri Legislature could benefit craft beer lovers.

Sen. Eric Schmitt, R-Glendale, is sponsoring legislation in the current session to allow Missourians to buy individual beer cans or bottles. Currently, state law requires beer to be sold in packs of at least three.

The state allows for the sale of single bottles and cans, but only if they contain at least 16 ounces of alcohol. Most bottles and cans contain 12 ounces of alcohol.

The legislation has received first round approval in the Senate and needs one more vote to head over to the House. If passed and signed by the governor, stores could sell individual beer bottles beginning in 2015.

Many liquor stores allow customers to build their own six packs using single bottles of craft beer.

Macadoodles Beer Manager Jeff Weaver said craft beer is big business in Columbia and said single-bottle sales would likely help customers who want to experiment with a variety of beers.

"We charge $8.97 for a build-your-own six pack so if they wanted to just sample one beer then they could just go ahead and buy that single beer," Weaver said. "And if they like it then they could buy a whole six pack."

Weaver said Macadoodles does good business with its current offering of single bottles and cans and said he could see customers liking the option if the Legislature makes it available.