Mo. Congressman Looks for Answers

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JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer and six other Missouri delegates are asking for clarification from the United States Department of Energy regarding a proposal to build small nuclear reactors in Callaway County.

The Department of Energy said it would provide $450 million to two separate proposals involved with small nuclear reactors. 

Ameren Missouri and Westinghouse sent a proposal to the U. S. Department of Energy in an attempt to get funds to design and build the small nuclear reactors. Luetkemeyer said only two other proposals were submitted.

However, the Department of Energy chose only one proposal that focused on research rather than building. Because of this, Missouri delegates sent a letter to Energy Secretary Steven Chu asking for guidance on why only one proposal was chosen and what the Department of Energy plans on doing with the remaining money.

Luetkemeyer said he wants answers as to why the agency changed what they wanted.

"We're asking for affirmation on exactly what they're looking for and exactly what their goal is with this plan that they've put together, this program they've put together, because it doesn't seem consistent with what their original intent was," Luetkemeyer said.

Luetkemeyer said he wanted to know if the agency focused more on research instead of construction when they made their decision. He said he wants to know what the agency intends to do with the extra money because it chose only one proposal.

Luetkemeyer said if he does not hear back from the agency in 30 to 60 days, he will try to contact it again.