Mo. House and Senate Overturn Redistricting Veto

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JEFFERSON CITY - Both the House and Senate voted to overturn Nixon's veto from last Saturday regarding congressional redistricting. Nixon expressed his dissatisfaction with this. He says the new map does not fairly represent the interests of the state.

With little debate, the Senate overrode the bill 28 to 6.

The final vote in the House was 109 to 44, but was debated for close to four hours. This vote included all of the House Republicans and only four Democrats. The Representatives still disagree over representation in the new map.

The new redistricting eliminates one of the three St. Louis area districts. The eliminated district belongs to Democrat Russ Carnahan.

Nixon, a Democrat, released this statement expressing his dissatisfaction with the Republican controlled legislature and possible target against Democrats:

"As I stated before, I do not believe this map reflects a fair representation of the interests for all regions of our state. Now that the map is finalized, we expect a robust electoral process in these significantly altered districts."

The new district will go into effect for the 2012 congressional elections.