MO House Approves Nuclear Plant Proposal

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri House of Representatives met on Thursday and approved an amendment to a bill for a second power plant in Callaway County.  However, the newest proposal might cost consumers a pretty penny. 

The amendment would allow utilty companies to charge electric customers some costs before the plant is even built.  Utilities is asking for the right to charge customers the cost of a securing early site permit. 

One representative said some opposed the amendment because customers would be paying for the plant and it might not be built.  However, another representative said rebates would be issued if the plant does not get built.  If a new plant is built, it will be on the same site as the first one in Callaway County. 

The House voted on 121 to 21 to add the nuclear plant issue to a separate bill.  The House will vote on that bill next week when the legislative session ends.