Mo. House Bill Could Give Missourians "Helmet Holiday"

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JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri motorcyclists could have a holiday from their helmets for one month every year.

Missouri House of Representatives Bill 341 aims to suspend the state's helmet requirement during August.

Supporters of the bill believe this "helmet holiday" would appeal to the hundreds of thousands of bikers who gather in South Dakota every year for the Sturgis Rally. Supporters hope it would allow thousands of motorcyclists to ride through Missouri hassle-free, promoting tourism and economic development in the state.

South Dakota and other states motorcyclists ride through to get there do not have adult helmet laws.

Opponents of the bill argue head injuries are head injuries, regardless of what month it is.

The legislature passed a bill in 2009 repealing Missouri's motorcycle helmet law, but Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed it. He was concerned about increased health care costs and safety.

If passed, the "helmet holiday" bill would suspend the law requiring protective headgear from Aug. 1 to 21.