Mo. House Panel Wants No More Newspaper Sales Tax Exemption

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COLUMBIA - After the Missouri House Panel voted to stop the sales tax exemption for Missouri newspapers, the Missouri Press Association spoke out Thursday.  The executive director, Doug Crews, said this is unfair to newspapers because it would double their taxes.  According to Crews, newspapers already pay a sales tax with subscribers.  So taxing newspapers again for manufacturing would be double taxation. 

Crews said newspapers should not be the only ones afraid of this proposal. 

"Manufacturers who get a sales tax exemption should all be worried," said Crews. 

This proposal is to set money aside for state aid for the blind.  According to the Associated Press, a financial estimate said this could generate more than $4 million in excess revenue for the blind. 

Representative Ryan Silvey, R- Kansas City, sponsored the bill.  It now goes to the full house for a vote.