Mo. Lawmakers Pass Individual Bottle Beer Sales

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COLUMBIA - Missouri Retailers could be selling single-bottles of beer by next year.

The House passed the bill Tuesday with a 143-1 vote, sending it to Gov. Jay Nixon.

Current law restricts 12 oz. beers to be sold in anything smaller than packs of three. 22 oz. and 40 oz. beers are already for individual sale. Patricia's Liquor Manager, Seth Schelich, said he doesn't think the change will help or hurt their business.

"I don't see how it's going to hurt anything," Schelich said. "They're already buying 22 oz., now they buy a single 12 oz. What difference does it make?"

If Gov. Nixon approves the idea, bottles, cans, and even pouches will hit the shelves in 2015 for individual sale. For Patricia's, Schelich is already thinking about shelving.

"It's gonna come down to which ones do we want to sell single?" Schleich said, "We're not gonna be able to sell every product single, we don't have the shelf space for it."

Rep. Sen. Eric Schmitt sponsored the bill that passed the Senate with a 31-1 vote before it was sent to the House.