MO Primary Elections Switch To Caucuses

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JEFFERSON CITY- The Missouri Republican Party recently decided to use a caucus instead of a primary election. This process starts in March to pick presidential delegates to attend the national convention. Missouri has not used a caucus since 1996.

The state is switching to a caucus because Governor Nixon vetoed a move that would change the primary date to March. In order to not lose 50 percent of its delegates in the national convention, Missouri's Republican Party switched to a caucus.

Senate President Pro Tem Rob Mayer said his chamber will convene Monday to consider legislation cancelling Missouri's 2012 presidential primary. This would save about $6-8 million that could be used in other ways. This would save money especially since the presidential primary currently does not have much effect on the delegate procedure.

The presidential vote currently is scheduled to occur in February if other initiatives are on the ballot. A primary election would not have any impact on how the Republican Party selects its delegates. A total of 52 delegates will attend the national convention. These delegates are determined through the caucuses at county, regional and state level.