MO Sheriff\'s Association Willing to Take Over Conceal and Carry Permits

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri Sheriff's Association said it is willing to take issuing conceal and carry photo I-Ds out of the hands of the Missouri Department of Revenue Friday, if the state provides the funding for the equipment needed to make them.

This comes after the Missouri Legislator's pending investigation against the Department of Revenue and State Highway Patrol, after lists of gun owners and their personal information was sent to the Department of Social Security, which legislators believe is infringing on privicy rights of Missourians.

Lawmakers are currently trying to push legislation that would shift responsibility from the State Department of Revenue to local sheriff's departments. The sheriff's departments already handle applications for the permits, but could now issue the cards themselves.

"Lets look at who could do it, the DOR but they proved they can't be trusted. The highway patrol, but they proved they can't be trusted, I trust the local sheriff's department", said Tim Oliver, from Learn to Carry, a organization aimed at teaching citizens how to use guns.

"Bring it back to a more local level, probably be a lot less confusion, it keep that revenue in the county which is helpful", said Travis Coleman, owner of Up In Arms, a local gun shop.

"They'd have to hire people to staff it, that's gonna put people to work, that's not a bad thing, jobs are always good", said Coleman.