Mo. Sports Hall of Fame Inductees Have More in Common Than That

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SPRINGFIELD -- On Wednesday, Missouri basketball players Willie Smith and Derrick Chievous were inducted into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame. But despite never playing together, the two have much more in common than that.

For one, they're Tiger legends.

"Nobody scored as many points in two years as Willie Smith, and nobody ever scored close to as many points as Derrick Chievous," said Norm Stewart, who coached both players during his tenure at Missouri.

The similiarites also extend beyond the court.

"He has the same last name as my mother," Chievous said. "So he hung out with my mother. For all I know he could truly be my uncle, which is weird." 

But there is something one has that the other doesn't: a jersey in the rafters of Mizzou Arena. Right now, you'll only find Smith's hanging -- and he's upset that his friend's isn't there.

"Whoever dropped the ball should be ashamed of themselves," he said.

And Stewart agrees. "Willie's number's up in the rafters, and Derrick's should be."

Stewart would know. He coached both Mr. Magic (Smith) and the Band-Aid Man (Chievous) into Missouri Sports Hall of Fame inductees.